writing classes and workshops

It's been said that "we teach what we need to learn". I've had the privilege of teaching for many years, and continue to learn from my students and my own teaching mentors, not to mention the best and most reliable teacher, life.

I am available to speak on any of the following topics: Finding Beauty, Interrupting Oppression, Mothers and Daughters, and Healing through Writing (please read the complete description of each of these topics).

What is the difference between classes and workshops?

  • Classes offer extended meetings to explore the issues at hand.
  • Workshops are usually offered singly, by the hour, day, or weekend.

I am happy to offer any of the classes or workshops for groups of six or more. Honorarium or fee schedule is negotiable. Please call me at (802) 985-5691 or email me at pfont1@me.com

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